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Are you sure I can trust you?

Life is not easy and hard situations can make you feel like you are alone alone. You are not alone. There are people in your life that can give you the support you need. But how do you know that you can trust someone?

Family members, teachers, coaches, nurses and school guidance counselors are all great options. Think about people that you feel most comfortable with and ask yourself the following questions about your relationship with them:

  • Am I comfortable talking to this person about sensitive issues?
  • Does this person have MY best interest at heart?
  • Do I respect this person?
  • Am I ready to share with this person?


While it can be scary to talk to your parents when you are in trouble, they can be a great source of support. If you do not live with your parents, then talk to your guardian.

Extended Family

Sometimes your parents are not the best option or aren’t a part of your life. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, or cousins can step in and help you too.


Your friends are easy to talk to, and usually you can trust them with anything. Be sure to tell them if you’d rather keep what you are sharing private.


Do you have a favorite teacher? Talk to them! You can stay after class or talk to them during a free period, one-on-one, so your classmates aren’t present. They’re also mandatory reporters which means if someone is in danger, they have to find them help.

School Counselors

They aren’t just there to help you build your class schedule. They are there to help you through hard situations and can help you build a plan to work through your situtaion.


If you play a sport, chances are you see your coach more than your parents. Many athletes have a great relationship with their coaches which makes it comfortable to share sensitive information.

Law Enforcement

If someone has harmed you, or you are in danger, you can always talk to local law enforcement. Call 9-1-1 if ever you feel threatened. It is their job to get you out of dangerous situations and make sure you stay protected.


Child and Family Services, the Behavioral Unit, Native Connections, and Seneca Strong are all on territory and ready to give you support. If you don’t have a family member or don’t feel comfortable talking to someone in your life, you can always reach out to your community.


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