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What are drugs?

Drugs are chemicals, substances or prescription medicine that will affect the way your body works. Drugs can be administered by inhaling, injecting or swallowing. After ingestion, they travel to your bloodstream where they can affect your brain function, increase or decrease your senses, cause you to become incredibly alert or extremely tired and can numb any physical or mental pain that you may be experiencing.

People choose to do drugs for many different reasons, and while they may make you feel good, they are incredibly dangerous and highly addictive. You can become dependent on them, and they can be very difficult to get off of.


Stimulants are drugs that are prescribed for ADD or ADHD. If misused, they can cause heart failure, seizures, paranoia and addiction.


Opioids are prescribed to treat temporary or chronic pain. If misused, you could experience decreased cognitive function, decreased respiratory function or death.


Antidepressants are prescribed to treat anxiety or depression. If misused, you could experience slowed heart rate, seizures or even death.


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