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Clubhouse Activities

Organize Leadership Activities

Be An Ambassador

Be a Rolemodel

Design Programming for the Clubhouse

Build Lasting Friendships

What’s the deal?

Who can join?

Voices is just for teens between ages 12 – 18 to build mutual understanding, tolerance, and respect through shared culture and values. Members will build lasting relationships among youth from different ethnic, racial, religious, and national groups

Space is limited

We are looking for:

  • Two youths between the ages of 12-13
  • Two youths between the ages of 14 – 15
  • Three youths between the ages of 16-18

Are you qualified?

Fill out the form to be considered. We are looking for youths that are:

  • Self starters
  • Motivated
  • Have great social skills
  • Want to influence change
  • Understand the decision making process
  • Are able to identify solutions for clubhouse issues
  • Interested in community service

All applicants must also provide a letter of support from a mentor, teacher, or any other supportive adult in your life.

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