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What is healthy dating?

You know that you are in a healthy relationship when you both respect each other’s privacy, values, families, time with friends, and bodies. But even being in a healthy relationship, you can fall into un-healthy dates. Where can you go and what can you do to make sure that you are dating healthy?

What does a fun, healthy date look like?

Even a healthy relationship can fall off course due to unhealthy dates. Where can you go and what can you do to make sure that your dates get a clean bill of health? Check out these ideas…

Weather’s a little cold?

“Snow” problem!

Sure the winter weather is cold, but we’re super lucky to live in a place where there’s lots to do all winter! Try out snow sports like snowboarding, skiing, or sledding!

Summer time?

Get active!

How about enjoying the hills around us and going for a hike or tackling a ropes course?

Go out for a movie…

or Netflix and chill!

Check out what movies are up near you or hang out at home! You can cook up some snacks and do a movie marathon.

Stay on territory…

hang out at the clubhouse!

Come chill at one of the Seneca Clubhouses! You can use the rock wall in Irving, shoot some hoops in Salamanca, or have a video game competition! All under one roof.

Honor your culture…

go fishing and cook dinner!

Fishing and cooking your catch is an important part of our culture. Visit one of our gorgeous lakes and try your hand at catching and cooking your dinner.


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