We are kicking off this month’s challenge by spreading kindness. We’re asking you to go out and find some rocks, smooth ones work best, and bring them to your home. Wash them off then grab some paints and make some kindness rocks! Paint them with encouraging messages, rainbows, or anything uplifting that would brighten someone’s day.

Print out the challenge tracker below and fill it out throughout the week, or fill out the online form on this page no later than April 11th. Submit the tracker along with  some photos of your rocks hidden around the community and either tag the Native Connections Facebook page or email them to:
Lori Koniak – [email protected]
Anthony Rovito – [email protected]

Every week you submit your tracker you will be entered to win our weekly and grand prizes.


Complete your challenge form online!

Fill out this form to get credit for this week's activities.
Be sure to upload your photos too!

Maximum upload size: 52.43MB

Need some ideas? Here you go!

  • A happy sun
  • A rainbow
  • The Wampum Belt
  • A feather
  • A rock that says, "You're loved!"
  • A happy emoji
  • A heart
  • Whatever makes you happy, because it will probably make someone else happy too!